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New Workshop Booking System

One of the main issues that led to the site update was that the online booking system for signing up for workshops was a bit clunky and some people found it quite difficult to use.

The new site's system is tailored for the job and should be easier to navigate. From the homepage you can select Workshops from the menu or type https://www.derekrandallphotography/workshops into your browser. From there, you'll see a page similar to that below.

Here you'll find links to all currently scheduled Workshops, both group & private.

If you click on a group workshop, you'll be directed to a page with more details about the event.

The page will give you plenty of information about the event, and a button to make a booking.

After pressing the button you'll reach a screen to enter your details.

Your Details Page © Derek Randall Photography

After filling out the relevant fields the Next button will become clickable and you reach the payment screen.

Payment Page © Derek Randall Photography

Here you can choose to pay via card or PayPal as per your preference. Fill in your details and click the Pay Now button to complete your purchase.

I will go into how to book Private Workshops in a later entry.

Hopefully, this should run nice and smoothly for everyone. As ever, if you encounter any issues please get in touch using derek@derekrandallphotography.com and I'll endeavour to sort it out.