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Capturing Mood in a Photograph

Stillness © Derek Randall all rights reserved

A bit of reflection for you today. Hopefully when we make a photograph, we do so for a reason. That reason might be a simple record of an event or a place, but why that event or place?

In an ever more documented world we could easily come to the conclusion that there is no need to take a photo. If we search the internet and can find 1000s of images of that place we visited on holiday then why do we need another?

The answer usually lies in the uniqueness of our experience. We only experience a given moment once. No other moment will exactly replicate it. So to reach the core of the impulse or motivation to press the shutter button,

We create photographs to add a degree of permanence to fleeting moments.

The most important of these images to us are those that manage to capture our feelings of those moments. The strongest of those communicate those feelings to others when they view them.

Let's go back to the image at the top of today's post. What mood, if any, does it evoke when you study it? Can you describe that feeling?

In my next post on this theme I will be showing you another photo with a different mood and looking at the difference in how the two were conceived and executed to create different moods.

Bonus Homework:

Look through some of your favourite photos. What feelings and moods do they convey to you?